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Breast Cancer Awareness

A World without Breast Cancer is in Our hands

At Medline, pink gloves help us support the National Breast Cancer Foundation with more than three quarters of a million dollars in proceeds donated to date.

Now the largest philanthropic cause in our company, Medline partners with the National Breast Cancer foundation to support free mammograms for underserved women, build awareness at forums for nurses and other healthcare workers, and even spread awareness virally through social media and events such as the Pink Glove Dance.


Generation Pink Pearl: The Everything Glove Pink Pearl Box
  • Pink Pearl starts with the extra protection of nitrile, adds the soothing comfort of an organic aloe lining, then gives the glove the glamorous sheen of your favorite string of pearls.
  • The very best protection for housework, these gloves resist harsh cleaning environments, comfortable and elegant.

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Generation Pink Nitrile: The Extra Sensitive Glove Pink Nitrile Box
  • Generation Pink Nitrile delivers proven protection for some of the toughest household situations, offering excellent protection against grease and cleaning solvents.
  • They are more resistant to snags, punctures abrasions and cuts than vinyl.

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Generation Pink Vinyl: The Exception Vinyl Glove Pink Vinyl Box
  • When housework calls for a pair of gloves, these are a perfect way to stay connected to the cause.
  • Excellent sensitivity and stretchy comfort–without the worry of latex sensitivity.

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Pink Scrubs on

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Totes and T-Shirts

Totes and T-Shirts

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Free Embroidery

FREE Pink Ribbon Embroidery on Shop Pink Clothing

National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation Logo At Medline, pink gloves help us support the National Breast Cancer Foundation: over half a million dollars to date.
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Contribute to the cause

  • A portion of the proceeds for any Shop Pink product will be donated to NBCF
  • Free pink ribbon embroidery on Shop Pink clothing

Offer expires 10/31/2010

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