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Sep 11

Nurse Scrubs

It’s back to the books again! No matter whether you’re a first year student or studying for your boards, it’s essential for any med student to make a smooth transition from summer holiday to schoolwork and study. And if you’re like most normal human beings, then that transition can be tough.

This year, get off on the right foot with these simple back to school study tips for med students:

- Get organized. First, get a planner or make notes on your laptop or phone. You’ll need to take detailed notes on what’s due when. Working backwards from the due dates determine exactly how much time each day you’ll need to devote to studying and completing projects. Make a study schedule and stick with it!

- Figure out how to memorize. The sheer volume of material that you’ll be required to commit to memory is daunting. So now’s the time to figure out exactly what memorization methods work for you! Is it flash cards? Listening to audio notes? Study group sessions? Not every method works for every person. Figure out what works for you and go with that.

- Get acquainted with others. Even if you’re more of a lone-ranger student, it will be important to develop your own community within the school. Find out who you can rely on to share notes with you when you can’t make it to class. Get to know the professors and learn what they really expect from their students. Find someone to commiserate with after that first awful test!

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