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Sep 11

Nursing StudentYou might have the best professors, own the latest textbooks, and attend the most prestigious and recognized nursing school in the area. But no matter how good your nursing program is, there are certain things that no amount of medical school can fully prepare you for.

So go ahead and study your heart out and ace those practical exams. Just don’t forget about the 5 things that nursing school WON’T teach you...

1. Time management. During your clinicals you’ll have a limited number of patients that you’ll be responsible for. But that’s nothing compared to the infinite number of responsibilities waiting for you once you’re a full-fledged nurse. What can you do now? Get really organized and juggle your current responsibilities with finesse.

2. Stress relief. Long shifts and a demanding job can make for a stressful life. And if you’re not prepared with stress relief tactics, then the challenge of being a nurse can leave you feeling frazzled and exhausted. Stave off anxiety by making stress relief habits, such as yoga, exercise, deep breathing exercise, etc..., part of your everyday life.

3. Teamwork. There’s nothing quite like being part of a medical team working towards a common goal. Are you reliable? A good communicator? An attentive listener? Quick to adapt and ready to dive in? Do some self-evaluation now to learn whether you’re ready or not to be a contributing teammate.

4. Bedside manners. Sure, you might have learned a bit about proper bedside manners in nursing school. But someday you’ll encounter an inconsolably sad patient or a heartbroken family member. Are you ready for their grief? Or you might be faced with an enraged patient. Are you prepared to take a punch? You’ll need to be patient enough to deal with a gamut of personality extremes.

5. Improvisation. No, you won’t necessarily want to improvise which medications should be doled out. But you may need to figure out how to make a patient comfortable with limited resources. With budget cuts, your medical facility may or may not have enough pillows, blankets, or bolsters on hand. You’ll need to be able to think on your feet and act creatively!

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