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Nov 13

Getting new scrubs is exciting! New styles, colors, and they feel new—if that’s a real feeling for clothing to have. Before you start wearing them and washing them with your other clothing follow these tips to keep your scrubs looking better for longer:

  • For the darker colors, put them through the wash 1-3 times before wearing to avoid color transfer to other articles of clothing.
  • Use low heat on the dryer for 30-60 minutes or hang dry
  • Avoid fabric softener with scrubs- many scrubs have a unique weaving pattern with the fabric to allow it to breathe. Fabric softener can sometimes cling on to the fabric more easily and leave the scrubs feeling hard and not work as effectively as it should
Nov 13

Are you looking for scrub combinations that don’t include the go to brown or black? We have found some great colors that match well to make you look great and trendy!


Navy Blue Pants & Orange Sherbet Top

Gray Pants & Royal Blue Top

Pink Pants & Pewter Top

You can also switch out the Pink Pants for Red Pants or Wine pants.

Pewter pants and & Wine Top

Caribbean Pants & Pink Top



Nov 13

Are you on Pinterest? Do you like to try to win free stuff? Then you need to check out our Pinterest competition! Join us on Pinterest for a chance to win an AVE. Scrub Set. AVE. is the newest line at It combines the comfort and flexibility of yoga wear with the functionality of traditional scrubs for the ultimate scrubs. Below are the rules for the competition. The competition starts today and ends on Wednesday, November 20th! The winner will be announced here on the blog on November 22nd!


To learn more about AVE. click here. Below are the instructions on how to qualify to potentially win one of three AVE. scrub sets! Good Luck :)

AVE. Pinterest Contest

For official rules and regulations, please click here.


Nov 13

While scrubs can hold up against many things throughout the work day, when it comes to cleaning, they require some care. For our ComfortEase scrubs, which are 65% polyester and 35% cotton, we recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle, then using the lowest heat setting when using a dryer. To avoid any wrinkles, be sure to remove your scrubs promptly from the dryer when it is done. You can also line dry these scrubs. Also, avoid bleach with these scrubs. It will ruin the color of the scrubs and could damage the fabric.

Nov 13

Fall Scrubs Picks

Fall is officially here, which means for nurses in the northern part of the U.S. have to start bundling up as temperatures begin to decline. A new season also means a change in wardrobe. Below, we have our favorite scrubs and accessories for the fall.

WonderWink Silky Tee

This long sleeve top is a light, stretchy material that feels like athletic fabric. It will move with you, while also keeping you warm in chilly parts of the office. This top comes in four colors (black, navy, pewter & white) and can be worn under almost any of your scrub tops.

ComfortEase Crew Neck Warm Up Jacket

If you prefer something you can easily put on and take off when you feel like it, then this scrub warm up jacket is perfect for you. With two deep front pockets, snap-buttons and its Polyester/Cotton fabric, it’s no wonder this is a favorite jacket amongst nurses. This jacket comes in a variety of colors and can be coordinated to match with your scrub set.


ComfortEase Modern Fit Cargo Pants

We love these scrub pants for fall because they are easy to put on (which is a big bonus if you wake up before the sun does) and are made of a polyester/cotton fabric that is quick and easy to clean and take care of. This boot cut pant is both slimming and flattering while also being functional with two side pockets and two cargo pockets.

Oct 13

Healthy Eats for Nurses

People in the medical profession know this all too well- lunch break (or dinner break, or midnight break or breakfast break) is a foreign word for most days of the week. Many professionals like nurses, doctors, vets and more have to skip a break to help serve their patients. So, this means you have gotten good at eating on the go and possibly have become well acquainted with the vending machines. We have compiled a list of some great finger snacks that will be both filling and slightly more healthy than the big bag of chips and a cookie from the vending machine.

Turkey, Corn & Tomato Wrap This wrap is quick and easy to make and is perfect finger food (can literally take a few bites, put it back in the container and into the fridge within no time.

Roast Beef & Cheddar Roll Ups If you prefer roast beef, this is the wrap for you! Stuffed with roast beef, cheese, salad and horseradish sauce.

Tuna Provencal- This sandwich is made with lettuce instead of bread. An alternative, is to make the tuna salad piece and eat it with a fork instead of a sandwich.

Spinach Roll-Ups These roll-ups are not only a great appetizer for a party, they are great as a lunch option! They can be enjoyed cold as well as heated.


Oct 13

The Pink Glove Dance is a motivating and inspiring movement... literally. Thousands of people dancing to help bring awareness to breast cancer and celebrate life. Now, in it's third year of the competition, there are hundreds of entries, thousands of pink glove dancers and now is the time to vote to crown the Pink Glove Dance Winner for 2013. Go to to cast your vote.


Oct 13

Nurses have jobs that require their hair to be out of their way, however it doesn't have to be the typical pony tail or bun. Check out some of our favorite hairstyles right now:

Ponytail Twist- Changing up the traditional lower ponytail. Simply bring your hair back like you would a normal low pony tail. Tie the tie 3/4th of the way up, then split hair between hair band and head and flip the remaining hair through the hole.


60’s Pony Tail- Check out our Pinterest board to get step by step how to get this look

Braid into a messy bun- Messy is in. The braid doesn’t have to look perfect and the bun doesn’t either. But put it all together and you have a cute look that takes minutes to achieve.

Oct 13

This month our favorite new top on is the WonderWink Bravo Scrub Top. This V-neck top quickly became a favorite because of its 5 pockets, polyester/cotton blend for easy care as well as the variety of colors this top is available in.


The Bravo Top has the WonderWink signature triple pocket to help you organize easily within one large pocket. It also has the ID bungee loop to keep your ID easily accessible without taking valuable pocket space, or stretching the fabric around the neck line. With colors ranging from yellows and orange to the traditional ceil blue and wine, you will find the top for you in this style!


Oct 13

Shop Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Scrubs123 is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In our Shop Pink store, you will find a variety of items ranging from pink gloves (for our very popular Pink Glove Dance) to scrubs embroidered with the iconic pink ribbon and more!

For every Pink Product in our Shop Pink store we sell, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund mammograms and much more.

Breast Cancer affects everyone, maybe not directly, but almost everyone knows someone who has battled breast cancer. Together, we can work to find a cure for breast cancer!